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Wish I never had to come home from Amsterdam.. A weekend was definitely not enough, but enough to make me want to go back for more!! 
The weekend was magical, it didn't exactly go to plan, but was perfect nonetheless.

The coach rides weren't too bad either! 4 hours from Cardiff to London and then after a 3 hour wait it was another 13 hours from London to Amsterdam - with a 25 minute journey through the Eurotunnel. Once we got out in Lille it was so beautiful. Blue sky welcomed us into Europe as we drove through rural France, Belgium and Netherlands. 
We arrived in Amsterdam around 9pm. Got to the house and after some food had a much needed rest before Saturday.

Saturday the weather was stunning! We woke up early, had some breakfast and managed to get out by midday. The whole afternoon we spent walking around Amsterdam with Tom's cousin and a few of his mates. 
Every building is so unique, they all look amazing!
The kid in the sunglasses behind us is definitely the coolest kid on the block.
So many bikes!! Next time we go we'll definitely be renting some out.
The architecture in Amsterdam is one of the things that make me love the city so much. That and all the bikes ^_^

Saturday night we went to Melkweg - one of the biggest clubs in Amsterdam - to see Julio Bashmore and some other DJ's for a 5 Day Festival. 
The night was absolutely amazing, one of the best nights I've ever had! I'll post the photos later in a separate post. 

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