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Birthday Celebrations Day One - Hot Since 82

This birthday has been so good this year! I love making the most of things - especially when you have the opportunity to celebrate! 

The fact that I was turning 19 this year didn't really excite me.. 19 is such a boring age, it's right in the middle of 18 and 20.

But it being on a Friday allowed me to book the weekend of work and have a good few days of going out (which I can never say no to!) 

The celebrations started on Thursday, after a day of college I met up with Tom in the afternoon, did some shopping and then went over his to get ready for the evening. 

We headed to Buffalo for around 11pm to see Hot Since 82 do a DJ set. 
The night was really good!! I've never seen Buffalo so busy, it was a literal sweat fest. 
It felt great being out when it turned midnight and being able to say it was now my birthday, it made the night so much more fun! 

The night ended around 4am and from there we went home for some sleep before I had to wake up for college at 7.30am!! 
These glasses are so creepy!

Two more birthday posts on their way!

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  1. Oh! woah! This party looks fun! I had a party just like this last year on my 16th party. It was in one of the finest venues in NYC and even I wore such glasses. They were even creepier. Anyways, it was good to see this post.


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