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Birthday Celebrations Day Three - Oriental Gardens and Cellar Door

Saturday 15th was the big one for my birthday celebrations. Had to go out with a bang of course!

I had been given a free ticket + five discounted tickets for a deep house night going on in Vaults - an abandoned bank vault (converted underground night club) - 

I had told all the girls about it and pestered them to get their tickets and finally the day arrived! 
Saturday morning I left Tom's around 9am because he had work, got home and began getting ready. 

Before Cellar Door (the event name) me and Aggie had arranged to go for a meal.

I had been craving a good Chinese meal for a while. So I booked a table for two (naw) at Oriental Gardens, a Chinese buffet resturant.

Around 4.30pm I headed to Aggie's house and from there we walked to Cardiff Bay for 6pm.
I never take photos of myself.. 
Its ok every now and then right?
The sweetcorn soup was so freaking good!
Getting our hardcore drink on (cider and black)
We got creative with the desserts..
The meal was so good! We were so full, it took a lot of convincing and some dirty looks from the staff before we finally got around to leaving.

One thing I remembered about the Red Dragon Center (where the restaurant was), is that in the arcade they have a photo booth. 
I've always loved the idea of getting a strip of photos every now then, I don't know why it seems like there's something quite nostalgic about them.
Of course we got some pictures done haha!
We headed back to mine and from there the drinking and getting ready began.

That of which included smothering ourselves with glitter.

We then we setted off for Vaults and met Ruba and Reem outside.
The upstairs chilling room!
Oh yeah! Did I mention the night was Circus themed?! Loads of people were in fancy dress, and in the upstairs chilling room there were circus acts going on! Tight-rope walkers, rope climbers and jugglers. It was very cool!
The night was so so good! 
Ruba and Reem left around 2am and then me and Aggie were left to dance the night away.
Soon enough 5am came, me and Aggie took a taxi up to penarth just as the sky was getting light.

Oh my god we must of witnessed the most beautiful landscape ever.
I couldn't even take photos of the moment they were that precious, I just had to sit there and stare.
The moon, was ridiculously big, the biggest I've ever seen it. It was just coming over a hill, whilst the sky around was a pinky, yellowy, light blue colour.
It was so so beautiful.
Then walking to Agnese's friend house we got a view over the whole of Cardiff. Literally you could see all of it. 
All the city lights were still on and twinkling in the light of the rising sun, with the sky still a beautiful pinky blue colour. 
It was just so nice, thinking now I probably should of taken some photos, but it was just such a beautiful moment at the time.

At Aggie's friends house we stayed up a bit longer and then I had around 3 hours sleep before heading to Tom's for the day. 

So that's it! My birthdays over till next year! It's not that exciting being 19... I think I'll just keep on pretending I'm 18 until I turn 20 haha. But 20 seems scary old! :O 
Hope you've enjoyed the recent posts.

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