Thursday, 20 March 2014

Birthday Celebrations Day Two - Lazy Day

I very much failed in the photo department on my birthday!

Friday 14th myself and Tom woke up and got ready in a haze and left mine around 8.45am.

I went to college till 12 and then went to Tom's.

Opened all my cards and presents off family + friends.

Fell asleep until some time in the afternoon.

Bought loads of munchies.

And lay in bed for the rest of the evening.
In the evening around 8pm we went for a meal in a cute little Italian Restaurant right by his house.

I was considering taking my camera, but I didn't really want to have it round my neck all the way there and back.

Silly Louise, I should realize by now that I need to take my camera everywhere with me...

I did have an amazing day though! It was so nice to stay in on a Friday on my birthday being super lazy haha! Preparation for Saturday! 


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