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Secret Fiesta

Saturday was so much fun!! One of Tom's friends was DJing for an event so a big group of us bought tickets and went. The night started around 9pm at Sally's house, we went round for a few drinks for her birthday and then around 10pm we headed to a flat down the bay that a few people had rented out for the weekend. There we got ready, pre-drank and then got taxi's to the secret location, which ended up being a warehouse in Splott! 
Good music, good people, good vibes. 
This was the entrance to the building, with it going further into the warehouse. 
 Nick the rice-picker
The night went on until around 7am (because the clocks went forward), a group of us got a taxi back to the flat around 6.30am with everyone else arriving a bit later.
It was a ridiculously good night! So much fun, such a shame me and Tom had to leave in the morning, but there was a family meal going on around 1pm we had to get back for. Then we pretty much slept the rest of the day!!
Tomorrow is Aggie's birthday which should be great fun! I have work 2.15 till 8.45pm but I should be seeing her in the evening, so expect a post!!
Lots of Love

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