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Up On Monkey Mountain

My rose has began to die. A few petals fell off this morning, but I liked how they looked so I left them there, scattered around my desk...

I have a cold at the moment, yes, four days before Amsterdam I get a cold... I'm trying as hard as I can to get rid of it quickly. Vapor rub, ibuprofen and a lot of Olbas oil will hopefully get me through this.  

Last week I had half term, earned £111 working lots of hours and only went out twice!! Wednesday, me and Tom went to Mi Casa. I danced the night away into a blur to beautiful techno techno, gosh I love dancing! There's nothing greater is there? All your worries can disappear in an instant... Thursday myself and the girls went out to Buffalo, it was so nice! But I was so tired from the night before haha!!
Saturday I had a day off work and spent it over Tom's. In the afternoon we went to Penarth Pier. The pier itself was closed because it was around 5pm, so we decided to walk along the beach. 
It was soon really obvious once we got onto the beach that the whole area had been devastated by the recent storms that hit the UK. The walk ways had turned into boulders and the pebble beach now a rocky surface! Monkey mountain had crumbled away in more than one place revealing chalk layers, I took a few lumps because it was pretty cool!
Monkey Mountain reminds me of this song...
Bonne Nuit 

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