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Bomb Shelter Rave

Last Saturday after I finished work at 9pm, I rushed to Penarth, met Tom and then we jumped in a taxi to Sully. There was a pop-up party going on in an old bomb shelter in a field by the sea! The area was lush! Shame it was already dark when we got there because it was difficult to get an idea of what the place actually looked like. The bomb shelter itself was really cool and the fact there were DJ's playing inside it was awesome! 
The power cut at one point and they had to add more petrol to the generator - this is the moment the music turned back on and the partying continued!! 
Everyone looks so uniquely funny in this photo..
It was such a good night!! Everyone from Secret Fiesta was there and more! Tom and I took a taxi home around 2am - early I know! - because we were having an Easter Sunday meal with his family. Hopefully they'll be plenty more events in the same area during summer + in the daytime!! This is just the beginning of an exciting and eventful summer!! :D

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