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Elisa Sighicelli

Last Wednesday I had my first shift volunteering for Ffotogallery in Penarth. I spent the shift doing a stock check through all the books - allowing me to find this charming book. I think the use of natural lighting is what caught my eye. I have a real love for natural lighting as I find it brings out the best in a subject. How Elisa Sighicelli has focused on the light produced by a window is something which creates a beautiful and calming effect. I love reading about photographers own views and reasons behind a project, it really inspires me with my own work..
I should of really scanned the pages in, but I was feeling lazy haha
I'm really glad I've started volunteering for Ffotogallery, my next shifts are 21st and 22nd of May where I'll be installing a new exhibition, which will include painting the walls and hanging the images.. Exciting!! Although the shifts aren't regular I think it's going to be a great opportunity to surround myself more with photography. I also have a discount on books and there are selected books I even get for free! I also have access to the darkrooms in Chapter Arts Center, which is amazing because I really want to start processing my own film and developing my own images. 

Here's the Ffotogallery website ->

More posts coming very soon

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