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Fairy Lights

Last week I experimented a bit with some ideas for photography. It seems I've started enjoying photographing little details in a room, and/or creating an image that gives the viewer a real sense of a room. This is Agnese's bedroom. I love it when you walk into a room and get a real sense of the person who sleeps there. I love the multicoloured lights stringed around her room. The blueish glow compared to the corridors bright yellow. Her room is even nicer when the sun is shining through and you get a brilliant light spot that matches the folds in her curtains.
I miss my Diana Mini :( ... Good news is, if the company haven't dispatched my LC-A+ by 5th May, Amazon will cancel the order. Meaning I can buy the camera straight away from the offical Lomography website and hopefully get the damn camera before the next week! It would be too late to use it in my photography project I think but at least I'll have it for summer!! 

I did a mini shoot around Tom's house aswell, I'll try post some photos of that tomorrow.
Until then...

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