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There's nothing nicer than a fresh face is there?
I've been questioning the point of make up a lot lately. 
Quite frankly I'm fed up of it.
Mascara that sticks to your lashes and flakes off into your eye.
Foundation that fills up your pores and never really matches your tone.
Why is it that girls need it. Guys don't need it! 
I wish more people would embrace they're natural beauty instead of trying to convince themselves they need to perfect it. 
I've spent too long trying to feel good about myself in make up, but it never really makes a difference. 
I realized I would much rather accept and appreciate how I look naturally.
And I'm ok with all the, "Are you ok?" "You look tired" remarks, because its just because people aren't used to seeing me with make up. 
Now I want me not wearing make up to be the normal. 
And frankly, I don't care if people think I'm pretty or not. 
People's perception of beauty these days is so narrow-minded. 
It's very hard to be beautiful in our modern-day society. 
It's such a shame...

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