Friday, 18 April 2014

Through My Eyes

 09-04 | 7am
 09-04 | 12pm
 09-04 | 12.30pm
 09-04 | 8.30pm
 10-04 | 1pm
15-04 | 10am

Finally got round to editing some photos for photography. For those who can't yet tell I have a slight obsession with double exposures... This is just a bit of experimentation at the moment, would be much happier taking these photos on a film camera but the LC-A+ is still a no show... The ones above are just a couple of favourites. Most of them are just me in my room though... pretty boring! 

Today I need to do a bit more photography. Despirately need to find the time to clean my room aswell but my week seems pretty much full and hectic until atleast Monday.. 


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