Saturday, 31 May 2014

Before I Left

Photos taken from Monday, the day before I flew off to France. I spent the morning editing and printing my photography finals and here they are:
I'm actually incredibly happy with them. Regardless of my grade and if anyone else likes them, I find whats most important is having a person satisfaction with the work you have created. Although it took me a while to really get a grasp of the project I wanted to create, I'm happy with how it turned out, and with everything education based I would of loved to of had MORE TIME to really thicken the project. And you know what, maybe I will as I have months and months ahead of me to do as much photography as I like! 

Once finishing EVERYTHING off I went to meet Agnese for the last time before leaving to France! This included a little catch up with the ever growing Indica. Already she looks more and more like a kitten and less like a new born. I can't even imagine how big she is now once I am back!!
We went to get film developed and then Agnese joined me in a mad dash around town to buy some things I needed for the holiday, it was actually a very successful shop and I got everything I needed!!
I'm looking forward to see this lil sweet'art now that I am back ^.^

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