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I have good news and bad news about cats today.                        How should I start? 

Cystal went missing Sunday night :( She hasn't come home yet and I'm so sad. I don't know what to think. I just hope she's okay. I wouldn't care if she ran away, so long as she isn't hurt or trapped somewhere. I miss her a lot. It's not fair. I don't understand where she's gone. Even if she got run over or something, she must of gone further out than before for that to happen. I don't know. I just hope she's okay. I miss my Kitty...

Yesterday I went over Aggie's house to do a photoshoot (I'll do a post soon) and I got the opportunity to meet her adorable brand new kitten, Indica!! She's only 4 weeks old and is the cutest colours I have seen...
My hair seems so be going ginger... I think I'm going to embrace it :D 
Did I tell you my mum gave me her old film camera? Well I got it up and running!! Film rolling already half way through the reel hehe! Going to get it developed as soon as possible to see if I should hold off buying the LC-A+ for a bit. Until I come back from Nice. Oh yes! Did I tell you me and Tom are going Nice in 2 weeks?! 20th May until 28th May. I can't wait, I'm going to take so many photos haha.

I'm really tired today, and I have a cold AGAIN. The world hates me. Next week is my last week of college. I have an exam Wednesday and all my photography is due in Thursday. Eeeek!! I just want to sleep right now though :( 
I'll post soon

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