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Olympus OM-2

Finally. Finally I have the Olympus film developed. I can't even think when I must of started this film... Around September I think. Haha I don't know why I was so put off getting the film developed. I think part of me thought there was going to be no photos on the film and the other part didn't want to spend a tenner on getting it developed. But I'm so glad I got it done, the photos are amazing! Every single photo from the reel came out! That's a record! I love the quality of the images as well, I used Ilford HP5 Plus 400 film which creates a graininess that I love. 
 Seems so long ago my photo wall was just a wall...
 Nom nom nom
 Not sure why, but bloggers decided to turn this one sepia..
 Photography class.
 Cardiff Market
 Dog Walks! I recall doing a blog post about this day with photos from my digital camera!
 Penarth Pier
 Barry Island - These last few are from February
 Rookie mistake haha!
Love this photo!
Ah I'm really happy with this film! I can't wait until I can stick a colour film in and see what the images look like with that... 
Today I had my English exam. I was actually really happy with how many terms I knew.. The first thing I did at the start of the exam was jot down every key word that would help me analyse the text and how to set out my analysis. The texts weren't too bad, the first two were about Universities and attracting students to 2 different cities. They were easy to analyse but a bit boring term wise. I think I would of enjoyed analysing something a bit more descriptive. The last section was a blog post about football. I wrote quite a bit, but didn't get round to summarizing my analysis, which was annoying. The exam was way too short! I'd love to sit down and be able to take my own time with analysing a piece of text so that it is good quality, not rushed and actually finished!! Exams are stupid... I'm so happy to be done with them for now! The rest of the day I spent doing photography and sorting out my finals. Tomorrow is the final day and then I am free! 

I'll make sure to do some more posts soon. 

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