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The Minolta Photos!

I got my first reel of film from the Minolta camera developed today! I am so happy with the results. Unlike the Diana Mini I can actually take photos inside without using a flash (e.g. the image below) and the picture quality is so much better! There are some restrictions with the flash and focusing, as you can see, but I'm sure I'll get used to that over time. 
I didn't realize, but this photo is from the Diana Mini - its the only photo I took from the Amsterdam trip because the camera wasn't working properly... Entering the Eurotunnels!
 This photo and the next two are also double exposures from the Diana Mini and the Minolta. It worked out quite well I think aha!
 Pebbly face and Penarth Pier
 Lily! I hope the red eyes don't happen often with this camera D:
 Love this photo. I seem to have a slight fascination with blinds, curtains and the natural light..
 Yet another photo from out of my window..
 This Friday in Clwb Ifor Bach - Boddika, was an amazing night!!
 The photobooth was out of service so we had to improvise!
 Morning lie in..
Yay! I'm so happy with this film. I think I'll hold off buying the LC-A+ now until I get back from Nice. Which we're heading to in exactly a week!! Exciting ^_^ College completely finishes for me this Thursday, just as a mini heatwave is supposed to hit Wales. Not sure if I'm up to much the next few days. Revision and Photography seems to be on the agenda.. I have a post to do about my Friday night, but I'm not sure when I'll get round to that. Also I'm picking up some black and white photos I got developed today, either tomorrow or Wednesday. I'll make sure to do a post with those aswell. 
Lots of Love

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