Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Moment Of Sunshine

A film from the Minolta camera before I went to South of France. There was a mini heat-wave in Wales and I'm happy to say I made the most of it!! 
Some funny double exposures because I accidentally rewound the film!
My bike locked up during a day in the bay (left bike)
Smudgy fingers on these prints too :( might give my scanner a wipe down just to make sure)
Special Tom enjoying his ice-cream
A few photos from Ruba's birthday :)
My love of train stations captured on film continues ^_^
Packing for Nice! 
Once again in an excellent mood today. It's 3pm and I've already had a 7 hour shift in work!! Now I'm about to cycle to Tom's shop to make most of the sunshine! Such a productive day (although I am a bit tired ;c) 
I might do a mini update post before I start the holidays posts as I have some exciting news. 

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