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Meet Bella!!

Last Sunday my mum and dad went to Bridgend Cats Trust to look for a cat to rescue. Monday I came home to find this little cutie there to welcome me..
Her names Bella and she's two years old. She was given away when she became pregnant, but now that she has had her kittens and they too have been rescued she was put up for adoption. She's really nice and friendly which is a good thing, but she's not too pleased about Skippy haha. Poor Skippy! 

Hmm what else has been happening...
Last Thursday I think it was, I met up with Agnese and we went into town for a few things. I bought a photo album for all my Nice photos off the Minolta camera and then we went back to hers for some food.
Aggie got her septum re-pierced and then we went for smoothies!! 
 Nom nom nom it was so good!!
This Monday me and Tom spent the day making rice-crispy cats and then in the evening went for a meal down the Bay with his family.
 Hello Jacob!
Yesterday we went to the museum to look at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition and then later in the evening we went to see Godzilla!
 At the museum..
 The current state of my Lomo Wall! Can't believe it's nearly finished..
So haha, that is as much of an update as I can give you!! I'm going out tonight and then in work all weekend so don't expect too many posts. But I can promise the beginning of the Nice posts (yay!)

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