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Nice Film Three

Finally, finally! I have more films from the South of France developed. They're all so perfect. Even the ones I originally don't like so much, looking through them again I can't help but notice little things that make me fall in love with them. So picturesque, each image looks like it should be the front of a 'I Wish You Were Here' postcard.

I'm getting distracted, I should be scanning them in to put into this blog post but I can't help but write. Otherwise all these words are just wasted thoughts in my head. 

I do dearly miss the South of France.
The blue skies and blue waters.
Monaco - Musee Oceanographique
Le Parc Phoenix
This has to be my absolute favourite photo from this reel of film. I don't know why but to me its just so perfect!! The basket of flowers in the middle surrounded by more baskets of flowers.. the windows in the background revealing more plants. ITS SO AMAZING. I want to frame it or something more than just post it online or stick it in a photo album... 

I can't get over how amazing the minolta camera is. It captures light so perfectly and the colours are so crisp and real, nothing like what I was used to with the Diana Mini, this is SO MUCH BETTER!

I'm getting a bit over excited, this is what my life has come to since I don't seem to go out half as much anymore. Work and getting excited about my own photography... I think all these morning shifts in work have taken a toll on my energy to go out for a night. Saying that next weekend is due to be a big'un. Mutiny in Motion (if you remember I went to a similar event in January) on the Friday and then on the Saturday, also in Bristol is St Pauls Carnival, which is meant to be a very very good street festival thing going on throughout the day. Exciting!! I'm hoping the weather will be nice so I can take vibrant colourful photos.

I have Nice Film Four ready to post on here so look out!!

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