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Surrounded By Sun

My laptop seems to be playing games with me.. The other day the letter C was being a pain to press and today it seems D doesn't want to be pressed down! So sorry if there an some missing D's... 
The weather has been beautiful lately and I've been trying to make the most of my time whenever I'm not in work. 
Before this lovely blue sky though, we had a fair few days of grey clouds, manic thunder and lightning storms and freak rain downpours!
On Tuesday Agnese came to mine around 4.30pm and we had a good old catch-up, played Dominoes, drank hot chocolate and danced to 80s music. Why do anything else?
Later that day I headed to Toms to spend the night as we both had a day off on Wednesday..
Wednesday me and Tom went to play Badminton. It was a lot of fun, but made me realize how not used to running around I am. Badminton is definitely something I want to keep up!! 
Thursday I had work and then decided to cycle to Penarth. Phew!! Past the barrage it was pretty much all up hill! I was a sweaty mess by the time I made it to Tom's, but it's definitely something I want to keep pushing myself to do. Plus it took me under 45 minutes!
Friday I went swimming in the Bay which was really good. Again another sport I've lost my touch in. When I was young I was able to swim for aaages, now my arms and legs were aching and I was getting out of breathe after a few lengths. I made sure I pushed myself to the limit nonetheless and managed to do three seperate 25m lengths completely underwater! Quite happy with that haha! After swimming I then cycled back to Cardiff and began cleaning out my room. Only until I got a call from Agnese saying she was in Bute Park so I jumped back on my bike around 4pm and went to meet her.
It was Ewan's daughters 2nd Birthday so a bunch of people were up in Bute with a BBQ and music, enjoying her birthday!!

Louise X
Tom's Photography.

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