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The Final Diana Mini Film

Hellooo! I've been in such a positive mood this week. I don't know why! Back home I feel inspired to take lots and lots of photographs, even though the weather is crap at the moment... 
This set of photos were taken around April I think... I don't even remember how I broke my Diana Mini, but one of my photography teachers managed to get it working again (or so I thought). I was able to take a whole reel of film (below) but then it stopped working again! Only taking a few photos and then jamming. Explaining why there has been a few unexpected double exposures on some of my most recent films. 
It's taken me so long to get these developed because clever Louise mixed the film up with all my empty film rolls (you have to laugh), so it took me processing all the empty films before I finally developed the last one left! 
So here it is, my last film on the Diana Mini.. Expect lots of blossom and spring flowers =^.^=
Eggs for two
Hmmm :( The last photo I have of Crystal, and it turns out to be one of the best I have taken with a film camera... I miss her cute face :(((
Oh Skippy you're so patient with my photos haha!
I got lost in the blossom trees haha!
Such a pretty bush!
Someone has seemed to have gotten their smudgy fingers on my prints :c I'm 90% sure its not my scanner! Thankfully they don't show up on my physical prints, but its still kind of annoying when I'm trying to scan images in.. 

So what now... I feel like I should inform you of upcoming things! 
I have a Minolta film to write a post about. 
I will soon begin writing my South of France posts, laid out as One Day = One Post.
I have 5 reels of film from the South of France to develop, once that's done they'll be laid out as One Film = One Post.
Hmm I am going out next Thursday to see Lee Foss and MK, so there is a potential post.
And so my life continuess... Who knows what is around the corner!!

From how last year turned out June was my busiest month by far, so expect many many posts this month!!


  1. Love! You're makin me want to break out my Diana Mini again :)

    <3 Leney

    1. Haha do it!! I'm tempted to buy another one now that this one is broken, the images are so unique!!


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