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Ibiza Day One: Straight to Sankeys

The Ibiza posts are beginning!! I can't wait any longer to show you the photos. 
I soon realized whilst out there that this holiday was going to be completely different in comparison to Nice. I guess it went under the category of a friend's holiday, since we were living in an apartment with 8 other people all of whom we knew, plus another five or more people staying in local hostels. This resulted in me taking a lot less photos than I anticipated - around 350 on the DSLR and 2 and a half rolls of film and 1 and a half rolls of underwater photos :) oh yeah and a few snaps on a smart phone... - There was a lot more lazing about on this holiday, partly due to the fact we had a terrace on our floor, so most mornings and evenings were spent laying about listening to music and chatting. 
It was quite a nice change though, we did less of the touristy things and relaxed more. Spent days by the cliffs, visiting beaches, going to clubs (of course.. it was Ibiza). 

Anyway that's enough of an introduction.. The first day out in Ibiza doesn't really count as a day, as it was the 16th - the day we spent travelling. However, once we arrived in Ibiza we ended up heading out for a night out, so to me it counts :)
 Watching the sunset on the plane made me so happy.
It's only when all you can see is sky that you notice to gradual change of colours... 
From blue to green to yellow to orange to pink to red...
 Taxi ride to Sankeys..
We left the club around 2.30am and headed to Westend the main "strip" so to speak, full of clubs, bars and god knows what else...

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