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Mutiny Round Two

There's nothing better than spending a weekend in Bristol with the two people you love the most! 
Going out to raves and chilling in the summer sun with reggae blasting around you. 
Around 7pm Friday afternoon myself, Tom and Agnese took a Megabus to Bristol ready to have another awesome night out in Motion. 
The line-up was so good!! Not sure if I saw half the DJs, we stayed in the main stage most of the night. But the sets we did see were so goood!!
Here are some of my favourite photos from the night:
I was very happy with the pink tips in my hair :3 
 Finally back at the hotel...
We got home around 5.30am had a shower to freshen up and then stayed awake for another hour before all falling asleep in a double bed. We woke up around 11am just in time to pack up and leave for St Pauls Carnival... 
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