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Nice Day Five: Parc Phoenix

All I want to do right now is smash through lots and lots of posts. Get like 3 or 4 done today so that I'm set for the rest of the week. 
Right here right now at ten to ten on a Saturday morning with my blocked nose, dry cough, sitting in my red vest top and pajama legs, slowly heating up in my heat-trap of a bedroom, lets begin a post.. wahay.

Nice Day Five... Parc Phoenix

Quick I must grab another box of tissues!
After visiting Cannes and Monaco there wasn't really another place we immediately knew to visit, after a browse over of a map we spotted a place called Parc Phoenix in Nice St Augustine, so we popped on a train and made our way there!
Bonjour Joey
 We arrived to the park hungry, so as soon as we spotted a place to eat we dived in.
 The botanical gardens inside the park was my favourite part I think.
Tropical plants, tropical animals all in a bright, light, luscious green environment. 
Back outside we walked around, taking a look at all the cool animals and birds.
 Back home finally we chilled for a bit and then headed back out in Nice to grab some food to eat.
I'm not entirely sure why Tom looks like he's finished eating and my food looks untouched, but I remember this food being divine!!
After food we headed out to the Promenade to stroll along the beach while the sun set.. cute!
 Tired and ready for bed.

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