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Nice Day Six: Rollerblading Along The Promenade

The post title says it all ready. After 3 days of catching trains about to one place or another, we decided to chill a bit for a day. 
If anyone's actually been from one end of the promenade to the other however, I think you'll agree its quite a distance. So rollerblading up and down might not exactly come under 'chilling'. 
After a while of rollerblading we decided to head back to the shop and swapped our rollerblades for other means of transport. I chose a longboard :D and Tom chose a scooter. Haha, we're such kids at heart...
A considerably smaller post compared to my other Nice posts!
FYI - I'm attempting to finish these Nice posts before Saturday, because I could potentially be going away Saturday to West Wales! Then when I'm back on the Wednesday I should be straight off to Boomtown festival from Thursday 7th to Monday 11th!
I can't even imagine the amount of posts I'll have to do when I'm back home.                                        Exciting!!!! 

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