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Nice Day Three: A Trip To Monaco

I can't believe I still haven't shown you all my Nice holiday photos. I must admit there are quite a lot and trying to fit in these posts with my daily doings (and posts about all that) is quite the challenge. But here I am sitting in my room realising that I don't exactly have anything better to do right this moment, so I might as well bombard you with another bundle of holiday photos. 

Our third day in Nice was the worst forecast (a chance of rain and mostly cloudly), thinking of where to go we realised we could still make the most of the day and go Monaco, the Grand Prix was on aswell so we knew a lot of the country would be shut off to make space for the track, so we decided to go and make the most of what was there. 
After some lunch and a bit of walking around we spotted signs for a Oceanology Museum, so we trekked up the mountain to find it and worth it, it was!!
I couldn't get a good view haha
I shouldn't apologize for all the photos, because all the photos I have posted I like... Hopefully you liked them too and don't feel you've wasted 2 minutes scrolling through this post.

Anywaysss! I will try and keep these Nice posts coming, but next Wednesday me and Tom are jetting off to Ibiza, so when I come back I'm going to have another 1000 photos to sort through and 7 more blog posts to do hahaha! At least I always have a post to do now!

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the sun if you are getting any. I'm should have a few more posts coming before I leave, I'll try and do an update post before Wednesday :)

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