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Nice Film Five

Some stupid kid is crying outside my window so I'm currently blocking his noise out with the Boiler Room I COULD OF GONE TO during my time in Ibiza.

Now that I'm back from Ibiza I seem to have an overwhelming amount of film needed to be developed. (10 rolls in total) to try and punch a hole in the load I got 3 films developed the other day, one of them being from the underwater camera. 
The photos today are from my last film from Nice. I didn't use up the whole film whilst out there so that's why there are not many photos in this post. Enjoy :)

Polar bears!! :O
Biot beach - near Marineland
Cheeky grin..
The live music we had whilst having dinner out.
This photo is probably my favourite photo out of the whole film. An empty airport lit up by natural light... gah ^u^

Look out for another post today, which has the rest of the film roll on it :)

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