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St Pauls Carnival

After hearing so much about St Pauls Carnival last year, I made sure to go this year and it was so worth it.

After Mutiny the night before and a 4 hour sleep before hand, me, Tom and Aggie were up and out of our hotel by 11.30am ready to hit the streets of St Pauls. 
The atmosphere was amazing! Stages and speakers on every street blasting reggae, DnB, House and more.. The streets were crammed with people walking around having a look, dancing and chilling in the sun. Yes! The weather was perfect! We spent most of our afternoon relaxing in a park or trying to find our way about.. Which is a lot harder than we anticipated! It didn't matter though because wherever we were the vibes were jamming..
My hobbit feet - the result of walking around bare foot!
If you live in the UK (and close enough to Bristol) it is definitely worth a visit, as for myself I will surely be there next year!

Today I started my new job in Marriott, I really enjoyed it and got into the swing of things very quickly.. Seeing Agnese around work was so much fun aswell. It makes the shifts even easier! After last weekend, I'm slowing down on the going out, the next few days I just want to make the most of the nice weather if we have it and just prepare myself for the madness that will be Ibiza!! Eeeek! I'm so exciting, it's pretty much a week away now and then we'll jetting off into 29 degree heat, think of the tan I'll get! Haha! 
I'll try and post soon..

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