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Strolls in the Rec

This last week hasn't been that busy, but yet again has gone incredibly fast. Its already Friday, and the weekend fun is about to begin!! Tuesday I had my last shift in Macdonalds. It was actually a very good shift, either for the reason that I was on window one or that I knew I was leaving. I think I will miss Macdonalds a little bit though. It was a good job. Out with the old and in with the new, next Tuesday I will be starting my new job at Marriott hotel!! Plenty more morning shifts + more hours + better pay = hopefully more money to save up for bigger things!! Enough about jobs, I have a few photos of just moments where me and Agnese have been out to the park for a chill in this nice(ish) weather. 
 Some awesome clouds one morning!
 Too cool must wear shades and a hood... haha
Taking Skippy for a walk on Monday, or was it Tuesday...
 Cocktails in town...
This weekend has finally arrived. Around 7pm myself, Agnese and Tom are heading to Bristol for Mutiny. Finally I'm heading back to Motion!! I'll be taking plenty of photos throughout the night, and then once thats over we'll be heading to a hotel for a few hours sleep and then its up and out again for St Pauls Carnival!! The weather is looking good for it, hopefully they'll be sun so I can take nice photos with both my DSLR and Minolta :) Enough jabbering now, I have to go get ready to meet Agnese to get ready for the day ahead.

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