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I don't know why but I've decided to start this post now at midnight before going to bed. I had my first evening shift today, I liked it, I had to keep reminding myself that it was the evening and not the morning but I suppose I'll get used to it. The executive lounge is nice, I get this whole little space all to myself to do whatever needs to be done. Cleaning, restocking, serving customers.. I like it, plus its on the 8th floor so I get an amazing view over Cardiff, I'll have to try and take a photo for you. 
Since the weekend in Bristol time has flown by, I've started this new job which I've settled into quite well. I've also tried to find the time to see people since the weather has been quite nice. I've had quite a few photos accumulate on my camera so here I am deciding that it is about time to put them somewhere... 
Not sure if I like the way this is edited.. It was a feature on my camera called 'Miniature Effect' so I'd thought I would try it out. Nice, but the blur is a bit too blatant. 
 Meet-up with the darling Rosie posie.
 Preparing myself for the oncoming rain storm..
 A rainbow in the sky!
 Hi there Mr Sunflower
 Aggie's cute pink buns
 Boss Jay
 Music in the Park (Penarth)

We've been quite lucky with the weather recently - you would expect weather like this in July, but Wales is a prick. Thankfully I couldn't care less what the weather is like at the moment because I'm flying off into 30 degree heat come Wednesday (I know I can't tell you enough). I'm not sure if I have any more posts coming before I leave, if I do do some I'll try schedule them for the period I'm away so I still have some sort of stream of posts. 
Bon voyage! 

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