Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Fforest Fawr

My first real attempt at editing photos from a day out. Not sure if it's something I could get used to... I'm quite happy with how these few images have come out, but I can't help but feel its so much easier to dislike an edit than the original photo. 
Anyways, these photos are from Sunday, my adventure day. This Sunday I decided I wanted to go to a forest and get lost. Sunday turned out to be a perfect day for it because it was sunny (rain in a forest is equally beautiful but I wanted to capture the sun shining through the leaves). The forest we went to was so nice, we followed a few paths to get deeper in and then when we saw the opportunity, adventured off path into the unknown..... until we came across a path again. 
I'm deciding what I want to do on my next available Sunday, (I can't count this upcoming Sunday because I'll be spending it in a festival!). Thinking about it there's so much to do. I really want to try go to a Roller coaster park this summer and also Bristol Zoo... Maybe a few adventures in nature aswell. 

I hope you liked the pictures. I'm still on the fence about editing I think... But to be honest I am really happy with the photos I got from this shoot. I'm looking forward to see the photos from the Olympus!!

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