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Ibiza Day Five: Bora Bora Beach

Day Five I think was a... Sunday? Yeah! Everyone was being lazy so me and Tom decided to catch a bus to Bora Bora the "party beach" of Ibiza. It was so packed!! But the beach was huge so if you walked further down it wasn't so busy. We sat down, enjoyed the sun, watched the planes fly by SUPER CLOSE... Then we went and found a Pool Party which was sick!! 

 Everyone should be as happy as this guy! (P.S I don't know him)
Back home we chilled for a bit and then headed back out with a few people to Mambo's at the bottom of the West End. It had such a nice view of the sea we just sat down and chilled for a bit.
What a lerrrvly day, as is everyday in Ibiza... :(

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