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Ibiza Day Four: Recovering From Amnesia

I can't decide what to do in the few hours I have left before I have to go back to work again. Work this morning was hectic to say the least.. I have a big family come in at 9.30 and from then for the next hour I have countless plates and tables to clean. It doesn't seem like that much but somehow it keeps me running around! Also we had a power cut just as I was about to take all the un-eaten food down in the elevator from the 8th floor... So I had to wait around, but I eventually just clocked out and had my lunch. Work finished at 12.30, I'm meant to be done by 11!! I can't complain though because its so easy to do overtime. I now have an afternoon shift, 4.30 - 10! That'll be 12 hours of working I'll do today, easy peasy. But I do want to fill these 2 hours I have with doing something! Tom bought me glue yesterday so I can finally get a crack on with my Diana Mini book, which I really want to do now that I have new plan's for my Ex-photo wall. Once it's empty I want to fill it with a map and plan out my travels of Europe with pictures, places to go and information! The plan is to go travelling summer 2016, I'm starting to save up now!!

Now onto today's post. Ibiza day four, recovering from Amnesia..
As I said in my previous post my camera got taken off me when I was heading into Amnesia :( So I only got it back when heading out (and yes, it was this light!) I think the night ended for us around 6.30am!! What's crazy is that the music was still going when we left - it usually goes on until at least 8am, when the sun is beaming through the windows covering the roof of the warehouse. Here are just a few photos I've stolen off some friends and my own photos from leaving the club :)
Ew I can't even bare these pixels...
Tom and me are in the top left corner :)
Back at the apartment we basically crashed for the whole day, even though staying inside was so hot :(

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