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Ibiza Day Seven: Kanya Pool Party

Our last day out in Ibiza!! We spent it lazing around during the day and then in the afternoon around 2pm I think we headed to Kanya Pool for a pool party..
Oh daaaamn check out my tan!!!! 
It's gone now... I'm not happy :(
Before heading back to the apartment me and Tom went on one of these inflatable rides, it's easier to explain if you know how it works. Basically you get pulled behind a boat so you fly about on the water with water splashing in your face and you'll most likely fall off. We didn't hold on towards the end and I ended up getting flung head first into the water! It was so much fun. (We went on the one that has Jobe written on it, its like a sofa shape).
We were planning on going out Tuesday night to Space to see Carl Cox.. Yes it would of been absolutely amazing, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to go. No one was really up for it and to be honest we didn't really mind just staying in the apartment, chilling on the terrace and soaking up the chill atmosphere for our last night. 
The next day our flight was around 10 or 11pm, we got a taxi with a few mates that were also heading home the same day - handy! Then it was a long journey home and then passing out in my bed!

Now the round up of all my Ibiza posts, incase you haven't read some and would like to check them out (so, so worth it!!)
And the few film posts I have..
Hope you lovely lot enjoyed my bombardment of holiday posts, it's fair to say this Summer's been a busy one!!
Look out for my Boomtown Festival post, hopefully coming soon and also the usual bussle of developed film. I bought black and white film (woo) so now I just need to find a location and a nice day to use it on! 


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