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Ibiza Day Six: Back to the Cave + DC-10

Day six seems to have been a pretty packed day. After a lazy morning on the terrace, me and Tom took some of the guys to the cave we had found. It was really fun, but I didn't go in the water too much. I handed out my underwater cameras to the boys and they took quite a few snaps on them. I managed to complete one of the cameras so I'll show you those photos soon. 
After our chill there we headed back to the apartment and started getting ready for our night out. Monday's was Circo Loco in DC-10, the event starts at something like 4pm and goes on into the early hours of the morn. We headed there around 6pm just in time to watch the sun set down around the building. I didn't take my DSLR, just incase they weren't allowing cameras in either. Instead I took my Minolta (photos coming in a separate post) and the Samsung Galaxy S2 I was using while out in Ibiza. Here was the line up for the night we went to..
Me waiting to go...
The night was amazing! We watched the Martinez Brothers in a well lit room to begin with (the colours were lush when the sun was setting) and then me and Tom ventured off to the second room (below) the lazers were amazing!! I've just annoyed myself because I've realized I have a good video of the night but Tom hasn't uploaded it. I hate relying on people for images/videos. I might upload it another time, but it just wouldn't make as much sense. ANYWAYS. The lights, were sick!
I can't really remember how the night ended, I think we lost everyone and then decided to eventually head back to the flat where we found everyone again haha! Then we just stayed out on the terrace till we fell asleep. Lovely.

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