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Ibiza Day Three: Underwater Caves

Around midday/afternoon me and Tom went on our own down to the cliffs to explore the area. We found a nice area to sit down (although the rocks aren't the most comfortable things ever) and went for a swim in the water, with our snorkles and underwater cameras! 
It wasn't until a bit of swimming around we realized where we were sitting there was a cave right next to us, and it was really easy to get into!! We explored inside for a bit which was super cool, but you really would need a underwater torch to explore deeper into the cave.
Oh look, a ghost!
I'm not sure exactly how we spent the rest of our day, probably just relaxing... That night though we went to Amnesia - one of the best clubs in the world! Unfortunately my camera got taken off me because *apparently* you're not allowed to take photos.. tell that to every person in there with a damn camera phone >:( So yeah I only have photos of the morning and ones that my friends took ON THEIR PHONES. Grrrrrr.... Look out for my next Ibiza post ^_^

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