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Ibiza Day Two: Cliff Diving

I'm home from Boomtown!! Came home Monday, had the last two days to recover and now today I'm back into my super productive mode. It's half 2 and I've packed away my tent, changed my bedsheets, hoovered my room and stairs and walked Skippy. Yay! Love the feeling of back to normality after a few days away from reality. Anyways, I do indeed have a tonne of blog posts to be getting on with!

Back to doing the Ibiza posts!!
Sorting through all my photos and videos is making me miss it so much. :'( This is torture!

I know its been some time since I did my first Ibiza post, so here's a link to DAY ONE for those who haven't yet seen it.
After wandering West End for a while we headed back to the apartment and spent the rest of the night out on the terrace. We even got to watch the sun rise which was so so so beautiful. The sky was such a lovely shade of blue, it went perfectly with the white walled buildings and their green shutters. I was in love haha, I couldn't stop taking photos!
After a few hours kip and some time to get ready me and Tom headed out to explore while everyone else was asleep. We walked through West End, which literally felt like a whole different place, until we came to a beach where we relaxed for a bit...
Back at the apartment we made some food and then grouped everyone together to head to the cliffs for the afternoon.
The cliffs were so peng! We had music, the sun and a good group of people. I didn't jump in because I was scared my bikini would fly off, but me and Tom did go for a little swim somewhere else. At one point a big boat went past in the distance, so after a few minutes wait some huge gushes of waves came and everyone decided to jump in haha!
A chilled day or what ey? 

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