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Nice Day Eight & Nine: Eating Out and Heading Home

I'm mashing the last two days into one post, because there isn't many photos with them and to be honest not a lot went on. 

I can't even remember what we did on our last day in Nice. It would seem that if I don't have photos I can't remember what happens ahaha.. I think me and Tom just spent the day packing, cleaning and strolling around Nice for a bit. 
In the evening we went out for a meal in this really nice restaurant. We sat outside and ate while a live jazz band played.. The lady had such a nice voice!
 Excuse the "selfies"
The next day we got up super early to return the keys to the owner of the flat and to be out the apartment by 7am and on our way to the airport. Getting to the airport was simple and once there we met up with Tom's brother's girlfriend because she was also on her way back to Cardiff from doing some work on a boat. 
Goodbye Nice :(
 Tom attempting Suduko
 Breakfast on the plane..
Back to miserable grey Britain...

Weeee!! I'm done with the Nice posts. I hope you enjoyed them! I feel like I should do links to all the posts incase you haven't read some and want to read them (it's totally worth it!!!!)
And all the film posts from Nice:
Haha, maybe you can understand why it took me so long to finish all this off!!!

Look out for my Ibiza posts coming shortly :)

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