Monday, 4 August 2014

No Time To Dance

Quick, quick, quick. Rush, rush, rush. No I haven't slept in my bed since Thursday night, but that's okay because I've had a great weekend off going shopping with Agnese for festival bits and bobs (well the main bits and bobs aka a tent...), I also went cinema to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes (very good film) and then on Sunday myself and Tom went on a grand adventure in a forest. I was greatly disappointed everytime we came across a path.. I WANT TO GET LOST DAMMIT!! Photos from that lovely day in the luscious green are awaiting editing (yup I'm attempting to get into editing my images) I also took some snaps on my Olympus camera, fingers crossed they'll come out a-okay. Can you sense the speed in which I am thinking and typing this. I just got home dammit, I have work at half 4 and now I'm popping off to do some more shopping of festival bits and bobs with Agnese again. Tally ho!! 
Oh look! My face!

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