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Police Ruined My Ibiza Film

Well don't I have a little story for y'all! 
My last day out in Ibiza, after the Kanya Pool Party (post coming tomorrow) we were out by the beach - a big group of us, maybe around 15/20.. - chilling, enjoying the sun. Me and Tom had just come off a boat ride *shhh spoilers*, telling all our friends how much fun it was, when out of nowhere these undercover police come over, grab my bag and ask me to follow them. They pulled aside a few other people with bags aswell, so I thought, fine I'm sure this happens all the time, it is Ibiza of course!
They ask me questions while rummaging through my purse + bag. "Why do I have a french passport?" - "I'm French". "Do you speak French?" - "No, I'm half french, I've lived in the Uk all my life". "Why do you have 4 cameras?" - "I'm on holiday.. 2 are film, ones underwater.." My camera bag gets passed to another guy who starts looking through all my photos. At this point I felt so violated and annoyed :c It was like they were trying to find a reason to get me in trouble. After around 5 minutes of waiting I get my stuff handed back to me. 
The next day I look at my film cameras, BOTH WERE RESET TO 'S'!! Meaning the stupid police man had opened the backs of both cameras and exposed the films! How bloody annoying, what did he think I was stashing drugs in there for hells sake. Grrrr it makes me so mad, they were so inconsiderate. >:(
Here are the photos that survived the exposure to light... All 9 of them. 

Taken on the Olympus:

Taken on the Minolta:

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