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Summer Days

Yay another film roll from the Minolta to show you! I can't decide if I'm flying through film way too fast or if I'm just showing you a bunch of film rolls all at once.. These photos are all pre-Ibiza... Enjoying the summer sun. Celebrating Ewan's daughters 2nd birthday... Dyffryn Gardens and my love for train stations on film... I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS, I JUST LOVE HOW THEY LOOK, gah.
 Could we look any moodier?! Haha
 On our way to Dyffryn Gardens ^-^
 From our day out on the Taff Trail ^
And yes there you have it, hfjejfw, I just.. I don't know why I love them so much but I just love love love photos of trains stations.. They just hit the spot. Even the 1st one thats out of focus... I can't help but love it, the angles, the colours, the lighting... Perfection...

Anyways... I have sad news! I'm not going to West Wales on Saturday :( I'm so gutted. Even though it crept up so quickly and I felt hardly prepared to be going away again, I was so excited by the thought of going to West Wales with Tom, body boarding in the cold sea water, walking Skippy through the forest. And most importantly - using my film cameras for the first time out there!! I was so excited to get some amazing shots in the forests, with the sunlight peaking through, of the fields and the beaches and the old fashioned houses.
It's funny, even though I go every year I always have a new reason to want to go. I am really gutted to not be going this year :( I'll have to wait till next summer now... 

I suppose on the plus side this does mean I have a few more days to prepare for Boomtown, and also more time to get film developed = more posts :)


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