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iPhone Takeover

Well I was planning on doing this post on a film roll, but since my scanner has decided to not work I'm not left with a lot of options. Frankly this month I have been shit with posts and it's annoyed the hell out of me because I don't have a valid reason why... I'm assuming I've been busy, with work and other things. But I'm still annoyed because I should be trying harder. This post is now going to be about my new iPhone how wonderfully exciting. *sarcasm* we'll not about it so much just a few photos I've been taking on it this month. I got it on the 17th September and it's already ruined my life, haha I joke, but the way I think about taking photos is different and not in a way that I like :( ok enough talking I'll continue after some photos...

Various bits and bobs from my camera roll. The last two are from a night out in Buffalo to say goodbye to Agnese before she abandoned us and moved to London (for uni). I have an upcoming post about my weekend there, as I went up this Friday to help her move in and party haha. As for this post, I am finito. Sorry for a shitty month of posts, I'll try get my act together and start taking more photos again because I feel like I've slid into a slump of laziness! 
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*wow so amazing gosh*

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