Sunday, 14 September 2014

Lil'bit Of This, Lil'bit Of That

Today I've decided to do a little update post, and I know I always do little updates in all my day to day posts but I want this post to be a mix-match of all the random photos I've been taking over the past few weeks. Maybe it'll give you a bit more of an insight of what I've been up to.. when I've not been doing stuff :D
 Pretty folders I no longer have use for...
 All black
 Yes I have an obsession with pretty tape :3
 My new diary ^_^ Excited to begin it..
 Ruby Tuesdays
Rose's room redo, I love it!!
 My little reminder of what the weathers like where I've been/going this year ^_^
Biggest poser going!
 Hi Bella
 The lomo wall is going!!! 
I think it's time to get a photo album!!

Yay! Hope everyones had a lovely weekend :)

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