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St Fagans with Tom

Last Wednesday I finished work around 11.30am. Tom met me outside of work and from there we headed to Tesco's to buy some goodies for our picnic in St Fagans.
For those of you who don't know what St Fagans is, it's a National History Museum with a bit more to offer than your average museum... -> Link :) Defo worth the visit for a nice day out and guess what?! It's free! :D
 For our picnic destination we decided to explore the right side of St Fagans - the castle grounds. 
That jump was nothing less than terrifying.
A robin!!!
After our picnic we walked back and looked around the left side of St Fagans, this area included more old fashioned houses, a farm and shops. 

Update time!! I have pulled a muscle in my neck D: so today and yesterday I have very much been feeling like a cripple. Plus it meant I wasn't able to go to work yesterday - super annoying. Today I'm feeling a bit better although I can't properly move my head about.. 
I have another post coming up from the weekend. Me and Tom took his dogs on a big 3 hour walk along Penarth beach - much much bigger than I first thought. Also I'm getting film developed today *yay* and I need to attempt to start my Boomtown post because it's silly how much I'm dreading to start it (its going to be a mahoosive post!!)
Mucho love

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