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Sunday Adventures

Last Sunday me and Tom decided to take his dogs for a walk. We went down to Penarth Pier and then decided to go onto the beach (since we hadn't walked down there before). The tide was way way out so we began walking right along the beach away from the pier. This ended up being a much longer walk than first anticipated. But it was an adventure and a lot of fun. 
Can you see the pier?
To explain how far we walked, can you see the furthest point of cliff? Yeah we walked there aha!
We also went crab hunting!
Me and Ruby =^u^=
Once we walked to the end, there was a bit of the cliff you could walk up to get to a path. So we did that and then walked along the path back home.
Corn fieldssss
Stopping off for some beverages.
Autumn Vibes
Such a lovely walk!! Tired me out big time! I love going for walks on Sunday's though. It's pretty much the only day I get fully off work at the moment so it's nice to have something planned to do and it means I get an opportunity to take photos. This Sunday I think we're going to Cosmeston Lake! I haven't been there since the start of the year!! 

Last night I had one of my best shifts yet in work. It wasn't busy and I just felt so able to talk to people. I don't know what it is, but its so uplifting being able to have a genuine conversation with someone you have only just met. Especially because I work in the Executive Lounge on my own, most of the people I get are adults. I was having a deep and interesting conversation with this one gentlemen towards the end of the night about his mother being in hospital, and I won't go into the conversation, but when I got home it made me think that I am so glad I have this blog. Because there will be a day when I am much much older, maybe elderly and I might not be able to go on adventures and do as much as I can do now and my days may be boring, where I can sit down and read through all these things I have done in my life via my blog. And I think that's an amazing thing to be able to do, because it will truly make me grateful for the life I have lived. I think so anyways haha! So even though at the moment it may seem that I care about views and followers and getting my blog out there, at the end of the day I'm doing this blog entirely for myself. I think if I wasn't doing it for myself I wouldn't be so into it and enjoy it so much. I think this is the end of my rant haha! But I just think it's so important to record things, because one day you won't remember all the little things you've done, but hopefully, you'll still be able to look and read about them :)

Blah Blah

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