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Aggie's Farewell

I think things constantly change even if we don't realise it. Everyone lives there own individual lives and you're lucky really if it comes into crossing with your own. How do we get so lucky to meet such amazing and interesting people?! I'm just babbling at the moment, but its nice to think about some of the people you've met through your life, how you met them and how they've played such a strong role in the life your living. I feel at this age, we have so many important decisions to make and its so easy to make them based on the people around you's opinion or influence on your life. I think the key thing to remember is that you're living this life for you and only you and if you have dreams or goals in your head, you should make sure you reach them no matter how it may effect others. 
How did this topic come to my mind? I don't know haha, I just feel like a lots changing... My first year out of college, my friends leaving for University, some staying and leaving to start new careers. All determining their own paths. Exciting stuff I guess......

This weekend was Agnese's first in London, to help her move in I headed up to London on Friday with one of her suitcases. I met her and one of her room mates around 5pm at Victoria bus station and from there we headed to her new house... We made a shopping list and headed to a near by Sainsburies to grab ingredients for some dinner. Then we cooked, cleaned and opened some leaving presents (from moi), before heading out to a bar for the night.
Steff and Aggie at Canavans
Canavans was awesome! Funky music all night, I stayed completely sober and stayed dancing until 2.30am!! I've made a pledge to stop alcohol for a while, in my last post I said I went Buffalo for a few (literally 2) drinks with the girls. Well it made me throw up twice the next day and feel like shit, so I'm just completely fed up with alcohol and to be honest don't see the point in drinking it. It's like I choose the tastiest alcoholic drink with loads of fruit etc etc and its just like, what a minute... Why don't I just have a smoothie or a juice or something?! Why does it have to have alcohol in it, I don't even like being drunk!!! Haha so yea...

The next day me and Aggie woke up around 9am, had some breakfast and then got ready to walk around New Cross to look for furniture/essentials... We came back with a plant haha.
 Giving the kitty some water :)
We also decided to head up to Camden to check out the markets there... Camden was cool, I've never been there before so it was defo an experience! We stayed until around 9pm and ate Chinese take away by the river...
We took an underground (also a first experience for me) and an overground home and then began getting ready for Troupe at Great Suffolk Street Warehouse!! What an incredible night... The venue was a huge set of tunnel systems. The lighting system was insane. Boddika, Ejeca, Steve Lawler. Gah it was so good. So much acid house and techno ^_^ here are a few videos and pics :)
Dancing till the lights came on... 

I think we stayed until 6.15am... We were thinking of going to one of the official afterparties (which go on till 2pm btw :| ) But instead we just got a taxi back to the house and chilled for a bit before going to bed. 
Walking home...

Sunday me and Aggie woke up around 1pm and then I got ready and we headed back to Victoria Station so I could catch my bus back to Cardiff. It's so weird to think she's now living in London :( I'm going to have to go down there as much as possible... 

Hope you've enjoyed this post, I'm going to try and start doing more but we shall see. These photos were taken from both my DSLR and my iPhone, and I only took something like 25 photos on my DSLR which is disgraceful. I have to make sure my new phone does not create an excuse to not take my DSLR out with me, because that'll mean I'll start taking less photos!! Not good.

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