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Deep Inside - Ill Phil

I feel like doing a post today :)
I'm back to doing morning shifts in work again, which I feel I prefer even though evening shifts are really nice because I get to watch the sun set from the 8th floor. Morning shifts mean I have the whoooole afternoon to do whatever I fancy = I can get back into doing all my creative things. 
Today I went to go pick up my photography books + final images from last year. I had a read through them and gosh I am going to miss going to college to do photography. I know it drove me nuts but to see myself be so passionate about a book and a project makes me miss it. I tried so hard! I thought that since I've got all my books back and they've been marked etc etc I could do some blog posts on each individual unit I did. Maybe even from my first project back in 2013, so you can see how I've developed. Just an idea but it could be quite good and a reason to be getting to work on some blog posts.
Also my scanner is working again apparently so I can finally scan a film roll from September I think it is from... Also I'm so so close to finishing off my Boomtown post, all I need to do now is chose which videos I want to put in it, convert them and then upload them all. I have a feeling thats going to be a long afternoon!! 

So what about this post. Well hmmm, here are some photos I've been taking on my camera. I can't help but feel I haven't been using it as much as I should be :( Autumn is arriving and I should be out capturing all the pretty colours. I'll try my best I promise...
This Saturday there was an event going on in Undertone, I finished work at 10pm and went to meet a few other people who had just finished at Splott Warehouse where Chase and Status played :( Whilst having my camera out, I got approached by one of the people organizing the event to ask if I could take some photos of the night for them to put on facebook. Yay!! Here are some of my favourites from the night :)
Also a few weeks back I took some photographs for an event going on in work. It was a meal for the employees who had worked 5, 10, 15, 20 and even 25 years in the hotel! I took a lot more but here are just a few I like :)
That is all ^_^ I know this is a short post but I now have in mind ideas for new posts so look out for posts soon!!! 

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