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Cefn Onn.

I honestly can't believe it's already the 17th November. I feel like last weekend was Halloween. Where is the time going? I know its because of work. I've never really worked 5-6 days a week before this job so my brain is finding it hard to adjust. I was used to having so much free time. I guess its all part of growing up which I've been realizing more and more lately. You just have to make the most out of the time you have. For me that time is usually the weekends. 

This Saturday I had a lovely day at mine. I would say I had a lovely lie in, but I was actually up before Tom around 7am haha (which is a pretty good lie in for me, seeing as I usually wake up 4.30am!!) Saturday I walked my dog Skippy, hoovered my room - which was in dire need of a clean, and worked a bit of my Diana Mini book. My wall is so so empty now I have like.... 27 photos left on it compared to the 200 that used to be on there. I'm not sure I like the emptiness, but I'm glad I'm putting the images into a book. Also I now have the room to put my Map of Europe pin board up which I'm hoping is going to form a giant mood/inspiration wall preparing for my travels around Europe in 2016! Anyways, I then headed to Penarth around 5pm and me and Tom had a nice lazy evening in which we ate Dominoes and watched movies - NOT HEALTHY!! 

Sunday we woke up nice and early and were out the house by 11.45am and on our way to Cefn Onn Park in Lisvane. I hadn't been to that park in ages and its such a nice place to go for a walk. I took my Minolta and Nikon. Today I'll just post the photos from my Nikon which were mostly taken by Tom :) I'm still very very behind on developing film as I haven't really had any money to get film developed :( I currently have 4 needing to get done, dating back to September!!! Thankfully it's payday Friday so I might get some developed then if I have the time...

Hope everyone is happy and well.

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