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Winter Wonderland

I forgot how cold my room is during Winter. I quite like it because it feels full of fresh air, but I'm always tempted to put on my radiator. Thankfully I have a lovely new cardigan which is so soft and warm! 

Today just like yesterday I had work. I leave my house at 5.20am and get to work 5.45am. Its so frosty when I'm walking to work all the cars glisten like someones poured glitter all over them! I don't know how I'm going to cope with the coldness at that time when its really Winter. 

Sunday was my only day off last week. I stayed round Tom's and we had a super lazy morning - waking up at midday! We made a big cooked breakfast with eggs, bacon, toast, beans, potato waffles and hot dog sausages!! It was great! Then after taking it easy some more we caught a bus into Cardiff to go visit Winter Wonderland. 

We didn't go on the ice rink in Winter Wonderland, just went on the rides, ate and drank. Twas fun ^_^

I just fell asleep...
I'll post soonish!
Going to London on Thursday wooo eeee


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