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You're Disgusting Mister Pumpkin

Yaaay I'm witing a post! I feel good about writing this post today even though my laptop tries to make it the most unpleasant experience ever by being painfully slow :( Anyways I shall give it the patience today in order to show you just a few snaps and update you on my life.

I'm feeling ok about not posting so much at the moment. The way I see it is so long as I keep taking photos thats the main thing that matters. At least I know that I will eventually post them on here. Like these photos from my DSL for example, that I decided to finally upload onto my computer.

10th October a Treatment night in Student Union.
 Walking walking walking
 Munching on brownies..
 A day in Radyr, we tried finding a pumpkin farm but they hadn't started selling pumpkins so instead we found some lizards...
 A few pics from Halloween in Motion: 
My pumpkin which hasn't even had a candle in it yet :c
 Some pretty flowers Tom bought me ^_^

Its cold now and I love it! I bought a big, warm winter coat yesterday and I'm so happy, its so warrrm. All I need now is a scarf and I'm pretty much set for winter (although I need more jumpers!) This week has held Bonfire Night which was fun, I went to my first fireworks show which was cool! Its definitely a different experience compared to sitting out of your bedroom window! Tonight I'm going to another smaller one in Penarth so that should be nice! Other than that I'm not sure what I have coming up! Work work work. I've been trying to take photos on my film cameras more. I don't really care if I don't develop them straight away I just want to make sure I'm snapping. Although lately I'm finding it hard to love my cameras. I need a film camera that works well in low light/nighttime really. The Diana Mini was perfect for that! I dunno I might save up for another Mini or maybe the LC-A+ and get it next year. My instant camera is due in 2ish weeks! I'm so excited!! I just need a proper lomography camera back in my life and then I will be happy and feel inspired and creative (maybe haha) .

I'll try post soon!

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