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Film: Sept, Oct + Nov 2014

Ok I need to do this post today, now so I can switch off this laptop and be done with its hideousness until tomorrow. With its irritating loud motor running noises and its constant "oups page crashed" messages and "not responding" nonsense. Leave me alone to my silence, or it would be silence if my gerbil wasn't trying to chew a hole in his cage -_- Urh I was looking forward to getting stuff done by myself but this just isn't worth it. 

Well what I have done today is have a sleep in, make egg on toast, wash dishes, shower, walk Skippy around Roath Lake, scan photos and here I am popping them into a blog post. Woopdy fucking do. Urh I'm so annoyed that my mood has turned like this. I want to punch something............... 

So here are some photos that I have taken on my Olympus OM-2 spanning over 3 months! The film I used was Ilford XP2 Super 400. Goodbye.

 September in London. When Agnese had just moved into her new house.
 This cat is called Frank. Who would of guessed?
 Hole in the ceiling? Normal.
 Market foraging. 
 Exciting times on the tube.
 Aggie's new look.
 Camden Lock.
 October in Bristol
"Don't move it'll be blurry"
 Penarth adventures.
 Back in London!
 Cardiff in November.
 Agnese is home for a bit!
 Aggie and Rose posing oh so well.
 No thats not bird shit on my arm is rain -.-
 November in London!

Basically over the course of 3 months I went to London 3 times and decided to mainly use this camera :')
Hope you enjoyed the snaps, I'll try find time to do some more posts soon.

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  1. Love these photos, the b&w is perfect. I miss London so much, and this post makes me miss it even more...


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